Larry Yes is an artist, songwriter and musician who focuses on positivity, humor and heartfelt emotion.

He loves using art to turn strangers into friends. His social engagement projects include Art in the Park, a public party/art therapy session, and Positive Words, a community-sourced installation of uplifting language.

His visual art has been shown at PDX Contemporary Art Window Project and the Portland Building, and he has collaborated with Portland Museum of Modern Art. In his nearly 30-year musical career, he has toured Europe, performed with Michael Hurley, Sonny and the Sunsets and Elliot Smith, He describes his current musical style as “positive cosmic folk.” A native Oregonian, he lives in Portland.

Love Yes—Yes Love “The Answer to all the Questions”

Larry Yes paints a car for World Peace and Universal Togetherness

for Pioneer Squares Festival of flowers June 2019

Photos by Rachel Houghton

“Highly Vibrational Fruits” March 2019

Rainbows of Love at UnionKnott Gallery

Photos by Julie Keefe

“What the World Needs Now is Love” March 2018

Paintings and Installations At the Souwester

"Radical Positivity" May 2016

Larry yes Installation at the Portland Building as part of racc's monthly series

Caitlin at PDX Contemporary told me I should try for this RACC installation, so I put together a spirited proposal and got the gig.  This was surely the biggest and most difficult install to date.  All and all it was essentially 23 feet wide by 11 feet tall, plus a whole bunch of little spaces here and there.

It was so much fun bringing it into the space.  We looked like circus clowns with a never ending parade of Positive Words and we hung it in like 4hours!!  It was later pointed out to me that I had misspelled the word surely in my comment book (surly!!!).  At first I was bummed, but during an opening I had for thee show, I got up on a ladder and made it right!!  Thanx to Keith and William at RACC for being cold chillers!!

"Positive Words" September 2015

larry yes at pdx contemporary

Now I really wanted to build a room of Positive Words and somehow luckily I got the opportunity to do a window project at PDX Contemporary.  Thanks to Vanessa Renwick for making this happen!!

It was a real treat and a lot of good vibes.  I measured the space many times but I got it!!  My only regret is that I didn't make a ceiling!!  Next time!!

I really loved the bio I wrote for that show it was so short and funny... “Larry Yes was born in Milwaukie, Oregon in 1974.  At age 8 he played Asteroids with Sun Ra and won! His art focuses on love and human connection.”

"positive mountain and positive heart" 2016

Larry yes at ROCA ... Reynolds Gallery of Contemporary Art, A Community Partnership Project Located at Reynolds High School

The heart was born out of need and the mountain was a moment of inspiration.  I was lucky enough to be invited to come hang some work and collaborate with Katie Sullivan's art class at Reynolds High School.  I had just finished thee heart and had a stack of words that I brought to the school.  I showed my plan to thee students and they did all the work!!  It was a great time and a true pleasure to work with these artists of tomorrow!

"108 Positive Words" May 2015

Larry Yes at Marigold Coffee

Right after making the first series of Positive Words at Cherry Sprout, there was a realization of the desire to see thee words hanging together with no gap in color and to fit perfectly.ish on a wall.  Just then, Libby, the coffee delivery/art curator from Marigold, invited me to hang a wall.  

It was thee beginning of a new realm for Positive Words and "108 Positive Words" was born.  I brought my little baby for the installation and it was a full circle or goodness and mayhem.  I learned so much from that process and it was a true joy!

"Positive Words For All the People" September 2014

Larry Yes at Cherry Sprout