”love vibes for all the creatures of the universe”

Hey Sweet Friends i've got a NEW record for YOU and i would love your help getting it pressed to wax!!!!
even if only in your mind!!!!! or your heart and surely with the shake of a few coins!!!
I am so excited to share these songs with you!!!!
Peace and Love and love and Peace!!!!!
Yours Truly Larry Peace-love Yes


The next wave of omnigalactic peace warriors

Larry Yes & the Tangled Mess explore the sounds and forms of psychedelic rock & roll through an uplifting spiritual lens.


Seal in the sunshine

Larry Yes creates a dreamy folk ish pop like substance all his own on this bedroom/living room recording. Tracked directly from the spirit realm printed to tape with a smidge of delay for thee inner tender bear in us all


take me to your spaceship and sing your soul song through me

Larry Yes plants his feet into the center of the earth looks to the stars then closes his eyes and presses record on this truly refreshing album of songs of peace love and hope.


A whole lotta skeletons

Larry Yes finds his new voice on this album of songs of loss and transformation. This is the sound of the sun and trees and days spent wandering through meadows and sleeping in hammocks.


Love Is

Larry Yes writes 16 songs of love recorded with his friends whom he loves all over Portland in various states of heightened joy!!


all numbers are mystical

Larry Yes plays every instrument on this testament of love to animals ,spirits and stars alike. “A well stocked cupboard of stubborn melodies arresting arrangements and surprisingly sharp lyrics” J. Chandler, The Rocket 1999


Full On Toast

Larry Yes buys a 4-track and realizes that the sky's the limit on this 1996 stoner odyssey.


Sad Silly Story

Larry Yes finds a banjo and a tampura on the side of the rode, gets his heart broken, and records this lo-fi classic direct to a blade of grass.


Alone In The House Of Love

Larry Yes house sits at Miss Pamie's house, drinks tea, eats popcorn, and makes this noise-y ode to the piano that lives in the corner.


Love calls

Split with Bob Corn

Larry Yes plays a Bob Corn song, Bob Corn plays a Larry Yes song. Hearts are melted and a year-long Italian road trip begins.


Live at the World Famous Kenton Club

Larry Yes and the Tangled Mess tear up the World Famous Kenton Club on a Monday night at 9pm, opening for thee fantastic Yogoman Burning Band.


The New You

Larry Yes creates a dreamy, folk-ish pop like substance all his own on this bedroom/living room recording. Tracked directly from the spirit realm & printed to tape with a smidge of delay for thee inner tender bear in us all.


with Ivy Ross Ricci


the blue flowers-anhamok

Larry Yes teams up with Ivy Greene to create this Free Folk Funfest. Back in thee early 2000's, Ivy and I made this album when we were lil' sprouts.  It was such a joy for us and also taught us so much about ourselves and each other.  Now we are happy to digitize it and bring it to your eardrums!!>>>>lovelovelovelovelove


with Pall Jenkins


the yukon dreams-little worlds

Larry Yes teams up with of thee Pall Jenkins of thee infamous Black Heart Procession to create a nearly almost all instrumental ode to day and night.