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larry yes hosts free art in the park events in portland

It happens in a park or another outdoor community space on a sunny day.  Kids, adults, neighbors, and friends all come out in creative spirit.  Some fun live music happens throughout the day and everybody has a really good time.  

Art in the Park has had installments around Portland for years and looks forward to many more.


Cool video of Art in the Park a few years back.

art in the park at pioneer square

as part of pmoma's houseguest residency in september 2016

It was a beautiful weekend in thee living room of Portland as Libby Werbel had brought the PORTLAND MUSEUM of MODERN ART to Pioneer Square as a part of thee HOUSEGUEST residency and invited Larry Yes to bring ART IN THE PARK to help celebrate!!! There was Music Art Community and Collaboration tenfold!! Below is a little snapshot of thee goodness and a gallery of thee paintings made there on thee spot. It was a Magical funfest for sure!!!

paintings from the pmoma art in the park

Here's a gallery of all the paintings (I was able to take a picture of) from the September 10-11, 2016 PMOMA, HOUSEGUEST ART in the PARK at Pioneer Square.

art in the park archives from 2009-2013 at Cherry Sprout

Here is an archive of the first eight ART in the PARKs held at Cherry Sprout Produce. The Joy Fun and free feeling, still live and breathe within my lungs and heart!!> thank you all so much lets keep this going!!>

*p.s... if you have any pictures or videos or stories you would like to share, please do send them to

some of the amazing paintings made during that time